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From another Senior Economist, Phd:

"Hello Rick,

I wanted to say thank you very much for your coaching over these past couple of months. Its hard to even put into words how differently I view things from that first meeting we had in my Lexington office. I recognized then that I felt inner conflict, and thought that if I could just figure out the "right" thing to do, all would be well. And you were going to be able to tell me or help me figure out that right thing!! Through seeing myself as you saw me as an alternative to my own viewpoint, learning skills and practices to use during stressful times, and reading some of the interesting books you recommended, I feel very different. More open. There is not some thing I need to do or get, its all in my own head. I have the power!

Two things: First, my favorite new visual from the Untethered Soul (approximately): You’re sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Why worry about a spot on your pants. Similarly, apply to any silly little thing that is going on at the moment.

Second, this weekend, I had a huge list of things to get done. Enough for a team of four. First priority, I took care of all the cat related things I had neglected a bit during the past week or two, and I did it with happiness because they are special to me. Then I had a busy mind over all the other things, laundry, groceries, cleaning the house, doing tons of yardwork, etc. My mind was reeling with how to do it all, how to make a dent if I couldn't, what should I do first, etc. In the end, I said screw it and went to the barn instead!! And I promise you that not once did I say to myself, I really wish I was home doing laundry! I thought that story would make you smile.

I continue to be amazed at how the Soul without Shame book dovetails with Dr. Sarno books, the new one I am reading is Mindbody Prescription. I am listening to the Untethered Soul on CD and I like it a lot! I realize that I have read very impactful things before, and eventually they fade. That is why the practices make sense. They help you not to forget.

Thank you again, I hope that you can see that the time you spent with me was very helpful. I think there is a fine line between not caring (apathy) and not letting something bother you or get your inner mind into a twist. Perhaps before I met you I was heading in the direction of not caring, and you have steered me in the direction of caring, but letting things unfold as they will."