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From a Senior Economist PhD:

"Hello Rick,

I am not kidding that I thought of you, and of writing to you, this weekend. As I returned from the barn on Sunday, after riding on Saturday and twice on Sunday, I realized that I don't think I would be allowing myself this fun activity if we had not worked together. I believe that I would have considered myself too busy to make it work, and I also would have thought to myself, I don't have enough time to devote to get very good at this. Instead I returned from the barn feeling very happy and glad to be back to riding. I won't be the next Olympian, but I enjoy it very much. Being with the horses and horsey people is great! (horse’s name), the old guy is still doing well. He is an old dressage horse who awaits me learning some things to ask him to do. I hope riding counts as a practice because it’s my favorite one!

This month I had a specific very busy time at work, taking on and learning a new responsibility under time pressure, and I was about to have spinning-mind which I find wastes time and makes the whole situation worse. Instead I thought of our conversations, I relaxed and just pointed myself in the right direction and didn't waste time complaining, but thought of the clients waiting for this work. In the end, it didn't take as long as I had feared, and I had a much better time when I was doing the work. That was good reinforcement for me!

On top of all that good stuff, I have found a great workout program that I like to do, and I feel so great after doing it that I have stuck with it for several months, lost almost 20 pounds, and feel great. I am so much stronger for riding too!"